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First post eh?  Interesting, not exactly sure what to put here, though that may not be an uncommon occurrence.

Well, for starters, a blog needs a purpose yes?  The purpose of this blog is, yet to be discovered honestly.

The style?  Probably variant depending on the day.

The language?  Also possibly variant.

The audience?  Definitely variant.

Well, firstly I’m not really writing to anyone but myself.  I find my own thoughts to be a confused jumbled mess at times and the best way to organise them is to get them all out.  If I am only writing to myself then why write a public blog?  Well, just because maybe?

Anyway, all that to say hello to whomever may choose to read, but beware if you choose to read on because sometimes I don’t even make sense to myself.  To me this is a part of my journey, and I hope that this exercise, much like keeping a diary, will help me accomplish the things I strive for.

Signing off for now then,

The Mythwright