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Not a whole lot to say, too tired for that.

Unfortunately for me it seems that writing and drawing scribbles doesn’t actually pay the bills, so like many others I have to troop off most every day into  work life in order to survive.  I know there are a few lucky people who actually have work doing things they enjoy, well here is a shout to all those who are not so lucky.

Recently I’ve been even more tired than usual, a forty-five hour work week is no small matter, I’ve worked eight days before my first day off, and now I have eight more before another day off.  I don’t mind work too much, I’ve learned to deal with it, but the rub is that working so much generally makes me too tired to do the things I really want to do, like draw and write.  Ah, well, such is life.

However!  Every dark cloud purportedly has a silver lining and when I can get out of my dark little cove of a work place I can actually see that lining.  I am an artist, amateur and learning yes, but I am one.  I see the beauty in nature around me and am filled with awe by it, my art still consists of feeble attempts to capture and recreate that beauty, but with practise comes perfection….I hope.  It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, I always used to agree with this statement but until recently never truly understood it.

You see, the revelation came to me when I found myself poring over art books for hours, staring and a three inch square area of bark or into a small flour, gazing at clouds and studying incredible pieces of art.  I see the beauty in these things and I can pore over them tirelessly and that is why a picture is said to have a thousand words!  I often ‘read’ through my picture books soaking up the wonderful stories they tell, it’s why people watch a sunset or study art, we are really reading them.

This whole revelation had a story also connected with work and if it doesn’t make much sense it is probably because I only slept for about three hours last night.  Anyway, whilst at work the other day I had an opportunity to step outside, the warm evening breeze of the (somewhat) fresh (city) air hit me with rejuvenating force.  I stepped out from underneath the overhang to let the evening sprinkle fall on my head. (I am notorious for never using umbrellas and opening my windows specifically when it rains) I gazed up at the beauty of the clouds, their dark blue forms taking on a myriad of indescribable shapes, their edges gilded white and gold in the last rays of sunlight.

Yes, my silver lining, that one moment made the day bearable.

So remember, there is a silver lining somewhere, and never stop revelling in the beauty of nature not attempting to capture it with you pencil and brush.

Until next time,

The Mythwright