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Typed on my iPod so errors are likely.
Today I sit on my porch with a cup of tea freshly brewed, the cold smell of rain lifting me up, flashes of lightning illuminate the fading dusk.  Distant hills barely visible in the haze of falling water.
A sip of tea; all is right with the world.  My mind turns to he Scottish highlands, I am reminded of them though I have never seen them.  Not a wisp of wind, the rain falls straight, but not too hard.
My mind is at peace and my body rejuvenated, Julie Fowlis and Enya play alternately in my head as memories are slowly cemented; this day will be remembered when times are darker.
Few things lift up my soul like a good rainstorm.  Nothing better to read by.  Nothing better to write by. Good for poetry, singing, hiking or just sitting and talking with friends.  Perfect.
The smell of the rain, the wet grass between my toes, the lightning flashing over all, this is experiencing life, this is the beauteous world we live in.  It’s always here, living and breathing around us even when we fail to see it or forget its beauty, it is just at times like this that I feel it the most potently.
The smell of tea, the song of birds, the drip drip of rain around me, the cool evening air, a few draws of my pipe should complete the evening nicely though, I don’t much feel like fetching it, this moment is fleeting and I wish to experience all of it for as long as I can….
The Mythwright