For starters I’m not really writing to anyone but myself.  I find my own thoughts to be a confused jumbled mess at times and the best way to organise them is to get them all out.  If I am only writing to myself then why write a public blog?  Well, just because maybe?

Anyway, all that to say hello to whomever may choose to read, but beware if you choose to read on because sometimes I don’t even make sense to myself.  To me this is a part of my journey, and I hope that this exercise, much like keeping a diary, will help me accomplish the things I strive for.

I’m a writer (not an author that would suggest I have published works), I most admire the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and E.R. Eddison.  I write in epic fantasy style, echoes of my stories may find their way to these pages eventually.  I’m a budding artist with just a few months personal study under my belt, I admire the work of John Howe and have learned much from his books on sketching, the pencil is an amazing instrument, whether for writing or drawing.  I am also an amateur musician, a little Violin a little piano, a tin whistle and a bit of cello, I also immensely enjoy singing, I’m about a baritone.  I read extensively and listen to music almost incessantly, the subject of my referred genres is far too lengthy a topic for now though.  I drink tea like it’s an addiction and avoid the sun like a vampire, the complexion of which I somewhat resemble.


So that is a little rambling on myself.


The Mythwright


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