Fair Warning

In truth I am very conscious of spelling and grammar when I read, however, when I write it is a totally different matter, my mind runs along somewhere near a million thoughts a moment and my poor untrained fingers are just too slow to keep up with all that, so, in the overflow and speed of thoughts my fingers stumble over themselves in an attempt to keep up.  Sp, this is fair warning, I know there are spelling mistakes and typos and my grammar may not be too good either so please don’t bother pointing it out, those kinds of corrections are for edits and rewrites and I prefer this t be in the style of my raw thought form.

Read at your own risk,

Grammar nazis and Spelling police discouraged unless you have a high tolerance level.  🙂

I understand, because I sympathise.



P.S. I really liked my old theme but it didn’t allow a menu to navigate to these other pages so discarded it for a more useful one.  Also, I had to write this after rereading my posts and begin horrified at my spelling and use of incorrect homophones, (like flour for flower) so I apologise once more and promise to try and filter my  mind a little better.


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